DigiGulden Validator
Our validator on the Radix network

Our validator

The Radix Network

The DigiGulden uses Radix’s global network. The Radix network is under development and is expected to be capable of handling thousands of transactions per second very cheaply and securely by 2024 while operating completely decentralized. This makes Radix the best choice to facilitate DigiGulden.

Why a DigiGulden validator?

To actively contribute to the security and stability of the Radix network, The DigiGulden foundation has provided a validator in the Radix network. Owners of the Radix tokens that allocate stake to the DigiGulden validator are rewarded through monthly payments in DigiGuldens.

In addition to selling DigiGuldens, the foundation will guarantee healthy annual inflation around 1.5% within the DigiGulden ecosystem. This will be accomplished over the next 40 years through DigiGulden payouts as staking rewards on the DigiGulden validation server and other trusted partner nodes. See more details in whitepaper.

Earn DigiGuldens by staking

DigiGulden validation server

Allocate your “stake” (XRD tokens) to the DigiGulden validation server to contribute to the DigiGulden node’s participation in the consensus on the Radix network. This makes the Radix network more secure, which is of great importance of the DigiGulden. Currently, for every XRD “staked” on the DigiGulden node, you receive 1 DigiGulden every month as a reward. This, of course, is in addition to the regular staking rewards.

The address to stake directly at the DigiGulden validator is:

Our physical validation server is hosted in a Dutch data center in the north of the country. In the event of unexpected disruptions, we have a backup server ready to switch over quickly. This way we achieve a high uptime. Click here to view the details and statistics of our validator on the StakeSafe Radix Network Dashboard

Partner validators

It is also possible to stake with our partners. The validation servers of StakeSafe and Jazzer are the primary partners of the DigiGulden Foundation. Stake with our partners to receive monthly 50% of your Radix stake in DigiGuldens!

Automated rewards

That’s all you have to do to earn DigiGuldens by staking. The rewards are automatically credited to your Radix wallet every 1st of the month. No further registration is required.