DigiGulden Foundation
About us

DigiGulden Foundation

Purpose of the Foundation

The revenue generated by the foundation from the sale of DigiGuldens will be used entirely to increase the availability of DigiGuldens. Such as generating brand awareness, promotion through advertising, supporting retail and to make a positive contribution to crypto payments in society. From the first moment of sale, financial management will be prepared quarterly by an external and independent party and made public on the Foundation’s website. In this, we offer 100% transparency.

No Pump & Dump

The merits of the team lie mainly in the share of DigiGuldens (2.5%) frozen at the start of the project and gradually released in parts. The release of these balances is linked to the amount of DigiGuldens that have come into the hands of Dutch citizens. In other words, only when a threshold value of all DigiGuldens has been sold, will an equal value of its own assets be released to the team. This mechanism ensures that there is no possibility for members of DigiGulden Foundation to undertake a so-called “Pump and Dump.” The wallets containing the balances will be included in the whitepaper and these wallets will be managed by an external notary office.